Ten Things Made Better with Nutella

February 4, 2015

NutellaCorp_10 How did we go so many years without the joy that is Nutella?  Nutella can be used as so much more than a sandwich filling.  From appetizers and entrees to desserts and spreads, we have ten foods made better with Nutella. Nutella Ravioli from Full Fork Ahead With only five ingredients (one of those being water), this is an easy and tasty way to make an awesome ravioli. Bacon Nutella Sandwich from Ramshackle Glam Yes, this is Nutella as a sandwich filling, but a sandwich filling that satisfies that salty AND sweet craving.  PLUS BACON! Nutella Milkshake from The Little Kitchen An easy, and reasonably healthy, milkshake that will be sure to start (or end) your day on a great note. Nutella Pizza from Big Red Kitchen No, no, no.  It’s a dessert pizza.  Though really we would not blame you if you decided to have this for dinner. No-Bake Healthy Energy Pops from Little Inspiration Make these on a Sunday and have a healthy snack to grab ALL WEEK LONG! Nutella Shooter from Key Ingredient For those of you that are older than 21; a great addition to any party! Nutella Spread by What’s Cooking Love Probably one of the easiest spreads to make and impress everyone you know! Nutella Pancakes by Bell’alimento An absolute must for a late Sunday breakfast.  Or lunch.  Or dinner for that matter. Nutella BBQ Sauce from Instructables This recipe is made up ENTIRELY of condiments.  And great for left overs! Nutella Hot Chocolate by Gimme Some Oven We know that winter is not ever going anywhere.  So we may as well settle down with some delicious Nutella hot chocolate.