February 18, 2018
The flu season this year has been one for the record books.  It has caused school closings, unprecedented numbers of people in the hospital, and long waits at doctor’s offices.  But, an experimental drug from Japan may change things for next year.  Just this past October, Shionogi & Company from Osaka, Japan, announced that a new drug had promising results.  In more than half the people who tried it, the influenza virus was virtually dead within 24 hours.  Tamiflu, the antiviral you may be familiar with, also killed the virus in 24 hours, but it only worked in about 9% of the participan
Meal Kits
February 18, 2018
It’s easy to grab something easy… but, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it can’t be good!  We’ve come a long way from lifeless TV dinners, and Chef Kit has taken it one step further.  The popularity of meal subscription services has helped busy people have great meals ready to go.  Like meal services, Chef Kit meals are meals that are ready to cook, pre-measured, and (most importantly) FRESH!  We love these Chef Kits because you’re saving time and you’re able to try something new.  You’re going to love it because you don’t have to sign up for anything!  You just come pick it up whenever
Fresh Convenience
February 11, 2018
Winter weather can make a trip to the grocery store a real chore. That's not the case with Fresh Madison Market! Our convenient heated underground parking will keep you toasty from the minute you leave your car to when you’re loading it with groceries!
Egg Demand High
February 11, 2018
Just one medium egg is packed with all kinds of vitamins and protein.  The whites of an egg are rich in vitamin D, B6, and B12.  Yolks are full of vitamin A, D, E and K, and just one egg has almost 8 grams of protein.  At just 76 calories for a medium egg, it’s no wonder demand is high.  Unfortunately, many farms are seeing demand far exceeding supply, and that is showing up at the cash register.  According to the USDA, demand though the month of January has been unexpectedly high, and farms are exporting much more than they were this time last year.  Looking ahead, however, it appears that
February 4, 2018
Winter can get pretty grey, and pretty drab.  While it may seem that the bright, fresh produce is still months away, winter actually has some great fruits and vegetables that are in season, and inexpensive!  This is about the time of year that’s great for hearty vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.  Grapefruit, lemons, and oranges are in season now, and it’s a great time for rutabagas, turnips and kale.  There are many good reasons for getting your produce while it’s in season.  First, the flavor will be unmistakably better.  When you’re buying produce in season, you’re picking the exa