March 28, 2022
Skip the Chinese take out, and make it yourself! Beef and Broccoli doesn’t get better than tender slices of boneless round steak that are oh so juicy and flavorful and then slathered in savory soy, ginger, garlic sauce. The rich flavor of the meat and sauce is complemented by broccoli florets and steaming rice. This recipe is incredibly easy with very few steps. You can have dinner ready in the time it takes to order and wait for delivery!   Steak and broccoli are on sale this week at Fresh, and we have all other ingredients available. See you soon!
March 21, 2022
Get all the flavors, textures and colors tonight with Strawberry-Blue Cheese Steak Salad. Mix together a little red fruit and a little red meat in with fresh greens and blue cheese! Strawberries are not just dessert items; they are jam-packed with vitamin C and pair deliciously with crumbly blue cheese and lightly-toasted walnuts. This light but filling meal includes tang, sweetness, crunch, crumble and crisp, who wouldn’t like that?! Get the ingredients this week at Fresh!   Strawberry-Blue Cheese Steak Salad
March 14, 2022
“How’s the craic?” & may the luck of the Irish be with you! Mix it up this week with a traditional Irish breakfast feast of Bubble & Squeak. Bubble & Squeak mixes together some basic staples of a St. Patrick’s Day smorgasbord–corned beef, cabbage or chard and potatoes. There is a little catch, Bubble & Squeak includes another Irish dish, Colcannon. These recipes are super simple and deliciously filling.
March 7, 2022
Prep your breakfasts for the week with a naturally sweetened baked oatmeal recipe. Use frozen or fresh fruits depending on the season. As Spring starts blueberries are an excellent option. The Healthy Baked Oatmeal bake mixes a few natural ingredients–oats, nuts, syrup, eggs and fruit. Mix the bake with Greek yogurt or a glass of milk to create a filling, healthy start to your day! Blueberry Baked Oatmeal ● Prep: 10 mins