Sartori Cheese Wedge, free with purchase

August 13, 2018

When the Sartori family crest includes cows and a map of Wisconsin, it’s clear that this is a local family dedicated to doing something Wisconsin does best:  Memorable cheese.  Their family history is more than making cheese,  Paolo Sartori, the company’s founder, holds U.S. patents on the very equipment used in the process.  Since before World War II, Satori cheese has come from Plymouth.  In short time, the cheese was winning awards, growing across the world, and winning the respect of the industry.  Now in its fourth generation, Sartori Cheese continues in Plymouth where it all began.  We’re happy to salute a Wisconsin favorite this week, and let you take home a 5.3 ounce wedge of Sartori Cheese, free with your $20 grocery purchase.