Free Thermos Stainless Steel Can Koozie

January 20, 2019

You’re watching the game with a brew in your hand.  You know what’s happening?  Your hand is making your beer warm…and nobody want’s that!  That’s where Thermos comes in.  The company you trusted years ago to keep your soup warm in your lunchbox…is coming to rescue you from warm beer (or pop, or anything else you might want to keep cool).  The can koozie has grown up from a flimsy foam pad to modern technology.  The Thermos Stainless Steel Can Koozie holds a 12 ounce can, and (more importantly) holds in the cold.  You can put a cold can in there at 10am, and it will still be cold at 8pm!  That’s 10 big hours of a perfectly cool beverage.  We’d love for you to try this amazing technology out with a FREE Thermos Stainless Steel Can Koozie with your $20 grocery purchase.  We’d love to hear how cool you think it is!