Free Reign Energy Drinks

September 8, 2019

If you need a little extra kick of energy, options have come a long way from the old cup of coffee.  Energy drinks seem to take up as much shelf space as toothbrushes and toilet paper.  But here at Fresh Madison Market, we’re only interested in the good stuff.  The products we can point to and say with confidence that it’s made well, and something we enjoy ourselves.  That’s why we’re proud to tell you about Reign Total Body Fuel.  Right out of the gate you have a drink that is full of flavor, and has zero calories and no sugar!  That fact alone puts Reign head and shoulders above the rest.  Next comes the caffeine:  100% natural caffeine from green coffee beans and tea leaves.  It has CoQ10, which has been shown to help lower muscle damage and fatigue, plus electrolytes that help keep you hydrated, and lots of B vitamins that can help keep your brain sharp and your energy up, naturally!  That’s why it’s more than just an energy drink…it’s Total Body Fuel!  Just as exciting as what’s in Reign, are the flavors you can choose:  Sour Apple, Melon Mania, Peach Fizz, Lemon Hdz, and others.  Try out 2 cans of Reign Total Body Fuel for free this week at Fresh Madison Market with your $10 grocery purchase, and get energy to last the day!