Free Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat

July 21, 2019

No time for lunch?  There’s always time for a sandwich!  For about the price of one greasy fast-food drive-through, you can get a week’s worth of sandwiches made with wholesome Oscar Meyer lunchmeat.  Oscar Meyer is one of our favorite companies because of their unwavering commitment to the product.  Even though they’re one of the older companies in America, they have stayed ahead of the important processes you look for:  Humane treatment of animals, protecting the natural resources used in production, and preserving the values Oscar F. Meyer started back in 1873.  Delicious cold cuts, fresh Carving Board meats, and the Deli Fresh line of lunchmeat give your family almost endless combinations of a quick and easy lunch.  Get to know Oscar Meyer lunchmeats all over again by picking up an 8-9 ounce package in assorted varieties absolutely free with your $15 grocery purchase.

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