Free Bubbl’r Antioxidant Sparkling Water

September 1, 2019

These bubbles have benefits! Bubbl’r Sparkling Water goes beyond being a fizzy, flavorful, sweet drink. Bubbl’r has infused this water with bubbles and powerful antioxidants. Vitamin A is the one that takes on the free radicals in your body that cause cellular and tissue damage. One can of Bubbl’r and you’re getting 50% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin A. That’s good for your vision, bones, and skin. But Bubbl’r doesn’t stop there. Next, they pack it full of B Vitamins: B3, B5, B6, and B12. Four powerful antioxidants that look after everything from your cholesterol to your brain to your blood cells. The part we really love about Bubbl’r is that they have made these refreshing drinks naturally sweet. They have fun flavors including passion fruit, cherry guava, and pomegranate acai. This week, get a free 12-ounce can of refreshing Bubbl’r with your $10 grocery purchase. Be sure to go to the Bubbl’r website and check out some fantastic combinations for bubbly Bubbl’r mixers and enjoy this refreshing antioxidant sparkling water!