Five Reminders to Help with Your Healthy Eating this Year

January 13, 2015

nutrition2 If you are like many people, eating better and/or losing weight was one of your resolutions for this year.  How is this going for you?  We are here to help with some ideas of how to keep committed to your fresh and better eating resolution. 1. If you are wondering how many calories you SHOULD be eating, calculate your BMI and adjust for how active you are. 2. Keep a daily journal of everything you eat or drink.  Keep the information in an extra spiral notebook or download one of the ever-growing number of food journal apps. 3. Once you determine how many calories you need to eat a day, and what foods you need to cut out, make small changes each day.  Do not cut out everything at once; you will be limiting your opportunity for success.  A small step of having less soda each day versus cutting out all soda on day one. 4. Don’t drink your calories.  Have an orange instead of orange juice.  Food will be more filling than a drink. 5. Pay attention to the portion you are eating.  This chart, provided by the Army National Guard, shows how you should portion your food.