Free XL Frito Lay Chips 7.5-8oz $15 Purchase

February 23, 2020

With 29 different snack brands, Frito Lay has built an empire in the potato chip business. They use enough potatoes every year to reach the moon and back… talk about going the extra mile. In 1932, C.E. Doolin bought the company from a manufacturer eager to sell it. Doolin then started making chips in his mother’s kitchen which ultimately became everyone’s favorite corn chips, Fritos, which he sold out of his Model T Ford. Today, just a few of the many popular brands by Frito Lay includes Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Sun Chips, Tostitos, Cracker Jack and Funyuns. Their chip range is wide enough to please everyone’s salty cravings. Get a free XL size Frito Lay Chips bag (7.5-8oz) with any $15 grocery purchase this week only!