image of grill

Your grill is waiting for you!

April 24, 2017

Have you done it already? You probably have. Lighting up the grill. It’s right up there with the first crack of the bat and the first chirps of the birds. If you haven’t done it yet… your grill is itching to cook up some juicy burgers. Ground chuck patties are ready to drop on the grill and are just $3.99 a pound. Now, that burger can’t just sit alone, so our bakery has fresh buns, produce has your tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, and a good slice of Wisconsin cheese is waiting in the deli. And, although it’s not mandatory for making a beautiful burger, we think you really should finish it all with a pint of Halo Top Ice Cream at a delicious $3.99 a pint. Happy Grilling!