The Ultimate Tailgating Guide

September 4, 2017

Be the hit of the parking lot by tailgating the right way.  It takes some prep, some creativity, and some good organizational skills… but, doing it right makes for a great mini-party and plenty of time for team pride.  Pack a cooler with plenty of your favorite beverages and ice.  In a separate, smaller cooler, put all of your hamburger and other meats.  Avoid putting the meat in the same cooler as the beverage ice.  Prep the portable grill, and be sure you know the rules at the stadium for the  type of grill you’re allowed to have.  Pack chairs, napkins, utensils, and something to play music.  Now that you have all that, here’s a great checklist of the most important part.  The food!

1. Your favorite meat.  Burgers?  Chops?  Brats?

2. Buns

3. Condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, etc)

4. Chips

5. Beverages (Which is a fancy way of saying beer)

6. Don’t forget your tickets!  (Oh yeah!  That’s why we’re going!)

Most importantly, keep it fun, keep it simple, and clean up after yourself.  Go Badgers!