Try Kombucha

April 9, 2018

A beverage that was once little known, has now attracted many.  It’s called Kombucha.  A fermented drink made from lightly sweetened black or green tea.  Because of the fermentation process, Kombucha has a surprising effervescence to it.  Kombucha is known to be rich in living probiotics, amino acids, and active enzymes that are good for you!  GT’s Synergy Kombucha is slightly different than regular Kombucha.  GT has been able to formulate it to be a bit more mild, and is popular for people trying Kombucha for the first time.  Some people feel that Kombucha is rich in health benefits.  Others simply like its unmistakable flavor.  We’re big fans of Kombucha here, and would love to send you home this week with a 16-ounce bottle of GT’s Synergy Kombucha with your $15 purchase.  We think you’ll enjoy it too!