The Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

November 19, 2017

If your Thanksgiving gets a little more complicated each year, you can take comfort in knowing that some of the simplest sides are the favorites.   According to the user generated website here are the top 10.

10:      Sweet Potato Pie.  A southern favorite that goes back to colonial days.

9:         Crescent Rolls.  Easy to make or buy premade.

8:         Baked Sweet Potatoes.  Or do you call them yams?

7:         Corn on the Cob.  Boil some water and pop them in for 5-10 minutes.

6:         Green Bean Casserole.  There are various recipes, each one easier than the last.

5:         Macaroni and Cheese.  This stand-by is one everyone can agree on.

4:         Bread.  That’s right, a nice loaf of bread with some butter is mandatory.

3:         Gravy.  The multi-purpose condiment.

2:         Stuffing.  Because it’s Thanksgiving, after all.

1:         Mashed Potatoes.  There just never seems to be enough, and don’t forget #3!

You can certainly get as fancy as you want for Thanksgiving, but don’t forget the traditional sides.  They stand out as a favorite year after year.