baby safety tips

Tips for Baby Safety Month

September 11, 2017

Tips for Baby Safety Month

Accidents are unavoidable, and with babies and toddlers little bumps and bruises are common. offered up a list of some risky things in your home that some parents overlook.

1. Accidents around furniture.  If you have a kid, they will climb.  The most common place for accidents is falling from a highchair.  Always be sure they are safely buckled in!

2. Tripping with objects.  Toddlers walking with a bottle or sippy-cup account for thousands of babies sent to the ER.  If your child is walking with something in her mouth,  it’s a good time to teach her to wait until she sits.

3. Swallowing Batteries.  Tiny toys often have tiny batteries, and about 3,000 babies each year are in the ER after accidently swallowing one.  Make sure the battery compartments on the toys are secure.

4. Wires everywhere!  More and more electrical items have chargers and USB cables.  Pay good attention to where they are and keep them out of reach.

5. Older cribs.  Cribs made before 2011 may have a drop down side.  This has resulted in many injuries and even suffocation.