Staying Cool

Staying Cool Without Turning on the Air Conditioner

July 16, 2017

We’re about to go into the Dog Days of Summer.  The long hot days that seem to drag on with no relief in sight.  While it’s always convenient to put on the air conditioner, it’s not the most economical thing.  Here are some of the easiest things you can do to stay cool:

  1. Water.  Lots of water.  You know you need to drink more water.  In the summer, getting even more into your system helps your body’s natural cooling system do its job.  Remember:  Caffeinated beverages actually take water out of your body.  Stick to water! 
  2. Frozen Treats.    Nothing wrong with a healthful slushy or protein shake.  You’ll want to stay away from things like ice cream or other high fat/high calorie treats, but if you put some fruit and ice in a blender you can stay cool and stay healthy.
  3. Shades.  You can make a big difference in a room by keeping the sun out.  Combine shades with oscillating fans, and you can further help your body do its job.
  4. Frozen Sheets.  The latest trick is to toss your sheets in the refrigerator a few hours before bed.  It’ll cool you off and let you get a good night’s sleep

However you choose to do it, just remember to always be aware of the signs you are getting overheated.  Throbbing headache, rapid heartbeat and breathing, light headedness, and nausea are just a few of the symptoms of heat stroke.  Stay safe… and stay cool!