Spring Cleaning Ideas

March 5, 2018

Spring cleaning can be as simple as putting screens in the windows and clearing out closets, or a whole attic to basement overhaul.  Here are some places in your house to consider for the upcoming Spring clean:

Books and shelves.  These have gotten dusty during the fall and winter.  You can also thin out the books you don’t need any longer and donate to a school or library.

Doors.  Look at the kick plates and areas around the door knobs.  They’ve likely gotten dirty and full of fingerprints.

Wipe walls and ceilings.  Pay attention to areas near vents.  They’ve likely gotten dingy from dust coming from the ducts.

Rugs and carpets.  This is a good time to do a deep shampoo of your rugs and carpeting.  Slush, dirt, and even Christmas tree needles are hiding in places you don’t even see.

Wax wooden furniture.  This will not only clean the wood in your house, the wax will protect it through the Spring and Summer.

Window treatments.  Wash or dry clean drapes and window treatments.

Fire safety.  While you’re going room to room, be sure you’re checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

These are just a few examples of places to clean that can make a noticeable difference!