Poké Bowls

Poké Bowls: From Hawaii to The Midwest

July 9, 2017

Poké Bowls have been a Hawaiian mainstay for centuries.  In a state where fresh seafood is as abundant as the sunshine, this simple dish is cubed raw fish often along with some soy sauce, sesame, and green onion.  In the past couple years, this fantastic dish became a trend that swept California.  Their take on it often includes ingredients like quinoa, cucumber, and sugar snap peas.  Here at Fresh Madison Market, we want you to experience the authentic way.  Simple diced tuna, steelhead, or a mixture of both marinated in Poké sauce.  You’ll find this sitting atop a nice bed of sushi rice ready to enjoy.  It’s a statewide favorite in Hawaii, soon to be your favorite, too.  Try our Poké Bowls but, be sure to remember the correct way to say it is “Poh-kay.”  If you’re a fan of sushi, you’ll love the new Poké Bowls at Fresh Madison Market.