Outdoor Parties, Growlers on Hand!

August 4, 2014

Growlers-Fresh-Madison-MarketA Thing or Two about Growlers

We are working out the final details for our growler station where you can walk into Fresh Madison Market and pour a fresh tap beer to take home with you. We can tell you that the tentative date for the growler station to open is August 25th. But, we are working out some great ideas for the craft beers that will be available. More to come on that later!

A few things to know about growlers:

  • Beer has 3 main enemies: light, heat and air. Growlers need to be quickly stored in the refrigerator and avoid exposure to the sun. Our growlers will not be in clear glass, but as an added precaution, be sure to bag your growler when you leave the store.
  • You generally have about 2 weeks to drink the beer in your growler. Once opened, though, you need to finish the beer that day…if not, it will go flat.
  • Clean your growler thoroughly after usage, but try to avoid detergents (dish soaps). The detergent can remain in the bottle even after cleaning and changes the taste of the beer. Best advice, rinse completely…several times and air dry before refilling.

Bring Your Party Outside!Party Picnic-bags-baskets-at-Fresh -Madison-Market

The days are already getting shorter. While we still have plenty of time to enjoy the nice warm temperatures, the time to have a great picnic outside is slipping away. Surprise someone today with one of our party bags! Use it for an upcoming tailgater with the Brewers or the Badgers (Yay! Football is just around the corner!) Or, make a date with a loved one! We have six party bags to choose from and they come with everything you need: plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, beverages (add some wine bottles!) snacks and something for desert. Order one today!