Mother Nature and Your Produce

October 22, 2017

September’s Hurricane Irma has done some dramatic damage to citrus crops.  Predictions now are showing 22 million fewer boxes of citrus than originally estimated by the USDA.  Florida Citrus Mutual CEO Michael W. Sparks likens Irma to the devastation that hit Florida in 2004 and 2005.  Mr. Sparks says those hurricanes “dramatically re-shaped our industry.  Irma was a historic event that dealt Florida a major blow.”  With entire groves underwater, the long-term effects will take years to sort out, according to Sparks.  Meanwhile, the California wildfires have scorched 100,000 acres of land.  The California Fresh Fruit Association reports that it has not yet received reports of any of its members directly impacted from the fires.  Key wine grape growing areas have reported major impact, however, with hundreds of buildings being lost to the fires.  As always, we are staying ahead of this situation and taking extra steps to ensure the produce we put out at Fresh Madison Market, meets our strict standards, and exceeds your expectations.