Meet Perrier. More than just bubbles.

July 30, 2017

In the south of France, you’ll find a natural spring in Vergèze.  The water there comes out of the ground already carbonated.  This bubbly water had been a spa dating back to Roman times.  In 1898, Dr. Louis Perrier was the operator of the spa. He began to sell the effervescent water in bottles, and soon this area became well known to tourists.  A wealthy British visitor, St John Harmsworth, purchased the spa.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t immediately the best investment because spas were quickly becoming unfashionable.  But, the carbonated water was still a favorite.  He renamed the area “Source Perrier,” and the water in distinctive green bottles became an international hit.  We’d love for you to rediscover this unique mineral water that has endured well over 100 years.  This week (7/31 through 8/6, 2017), Perrier 10 pack slim cans are FREE when you make a $17 purchase.