Tart Pie

Is it a Tart? Is it a Pie?

July 9, 2017

It’s easy to confuse a tart with a pie, and vice versa.  They can look similar, and at the end of the day they both taste great.  The difference is pretty easy to spot.  Pies are in a deeper pan, with sloped edges.  Pies have a simple flour crust that can extend above the sides of the pan, or often cover the pie entirely.  Tarts are just a bit different.  Usually a bit more shallow than a pie, and the crust never covers the top.  The crust is made from pastry dough and often has a nice flaky crumble to it.  A pie crust tends to be a bit more functional than flavorful.  The main job of a pie crust is to hold the pie together.  With tarts, you’ll discover that the crust is part of the whole experience.  It’s a bit thicker and nicely balances the flavor with the fruit.  These differences are subtle, and there’s no consensus on when a tart becomes pie or a pie becomes a tart.  We’d like to help you out this week. A Caramel Apple Tart or Bourbon Pecan Tart is just $3.99 with your $15 purchase (Monday, July 10th, through Sunday, July 16th, 2017).  When you finish one, you may still be confused about what is a tart and what is a pie… but, you will definitely agree it tastes magical.