College Care Packages

How to Build a Care Package before Moving to College

August 20, 2017

Moving away from home for the first time is pretty scary for some.  Both parent and student have trepidations.  But, you can settle your own nerves and know that they are well equipped with a simple college care package.

Cleaning Supplies.  You know best what your student is going to need.  Set them up with the essentials like window cleaner and all-purpose cleaner.  Be sure to include lots of sponges and put it all in a small bucket.

Eating.  Always include comfort foods like cookies.  But, you can also give them suggestions on how to eat well , even on a budget.  A few cans of soup, sloppy joe mix, and pasta get them on their way.

Laundry.  Detergent pods are compact and easy to transport, plus dryer sheets and bleach.  Just for good measure, include some “first time instructions” so they don’t goof anything up.

Bathroom.  Get ‘em going with toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, shaving cream and razors.  They won’t remember to get bandages, so a small first aid kit will be very helpful

Extra things.  Think about the things you’re always looking for.  Extra pens, tape, a stapler, ear buds, and scissors.  

Get creative and your new college student will know that somebody back home is thinking of him or her.  Slip a couple surprise gift cards in, and send them on their way.  These are little things that are important but, not something they would think to get on their own.  Sleep well knowing you’ve got a well-supplied college student off for adventure!