The Growlers are Calling!

August 28, 2014

fresh-beer-growlerThe Growlers are here!

At 3PM Friday the 29th, the Fresh Madison Growler station will be open and be ready for fresh pours of tap beer that you can take home with you!

Fresh Madison Market is one of the first in Wisconsin and ONLY grocery store in Madison that has a growler station inside the store allowing beer aficionados to choose between one of four craft beers they can take home and savor in the comfort of their own couch! The craft beers that we will be offering can only be found at our growler station. We do not sell these in cans or bottles.

This is the perfect time for the growler station to open…as you plan the first Badger Football Party of the season kicking off Saturday. Imagine pulling a growler or two out of your fridge as the Badgers take the field against LSU and seeing the looks on your friend’s faces. Yep…that’s fresh tap beer you have ready for them!

Our beers this month include:

Tour-de-Fall-Pale-Ale-at-Fresh-Madison-Market    Zenith-beer-at-fresh-madison-marketLake-Louie-Reserve-at-fresh-Madison-market    Johnny Appleseed Cider at Fresh Madison Market

Each month, we will change the craft beers out and bring in new beers to satisfy the palate. You can spend a week each month trying a new beer and do it in the comfort of your own home!

It’s all about keeping with our goal: FRESH! The Fresh Madison Growler station is open and ready to serve!