Fresh is Best in Peanut Butter

November 27, 2017

Peanut butter has become so commonplace, you don’t give a second thought when picking up any jar you find.  Since everything we do at Fresh Madison Market is about all things FRESH, we’d like to introduce you to a better peanut butter.  Fresh ground peanut butter has many benefits.  High on the list is no sugar.  Mass produced peanut butter has added sugar to give it a sweeter taste.  So much sugar that it’s listed #2 on most ingredients.  The number one ingredient is hydrogenated oils.  Hydrogenated oil is a process to thicken vegetable oil into a solid, similar to shortening.  This keeps mass produced peanut butter smooth, but also introduces trans-fatty acids.  Trans-fat is a big culprit in raising your blood cholesterol level.  Fresh ground natural peanut butter has none of that.  In fact, you can expect to get a full 10% more nutrients in a serving of natural peanut butter since you’re not ingesting all that other stuff.  We’d love for you to try some, and it’s on us!  When you shop this week and spend $17 or more, you can get FREE fresh ground peanut butter (1lb or less).  Also, honey, and chocolate chip… all natural, all organic… and ALL FRESH!