FREE Uncle Ray’s Chips!

March 21, 2022

Named after their owner, Uncle Ray’s Chips have a long history. Back in 1965, Ray Jenkin’s thought up a company in the back seat of his Dodge Dart. The Michigan-based founder was providing local Detroit bars with his homemade chips, popcorn and cocktail sauce. He became very popular and acquired a larger working space to produce his products. He named the company “Cabana Foods” but went into too much debt. He sold to investors and retired young in 1993.


The fried, thinly sliced potato business kept calling his name, and he came out of retirement in 1995. Enter “Uncle Ray’s Chips.” Ray named the company after himself as a more personal approach and a tribute to his nieces and nephews who called him Uncle Ray for so many years.


In 2000, he wrote his autobiography. However, he did not write a book like most people do. Ray distributed his story on the back of the bags of Uncle Ray’s Chip! People sought out a book version, but Ray refused.


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