FREE Totino’s Pizza!

April 25, 2022

Rose and Jim Totino started a pizzeria in Minneapolis in 1951, with a $1,500 loan. Little did they know then, their take-out only pizza parlor would turn into a multi-million dollar frozen foods brand. The couple was selling hundreds of pizzas a week and realized their 18-hour days were not sustainable. They changed over to the frozen food business in 1962, but they didn’t start out with pizzas. Rather, they were known for their Totino’s Fine Foods pasta dinners! After they perfected the frozen pizza, it joined their menu of frozen pastas.


In 1975, the Totino’s sold the business to Pillsbury for $22 million. Rose became Pillsbury’s first female corporate vice president. She helped create the Crisp Crust technology. Rose helped get women in corporate America.


In 2011, the original pizzeria closed its doors for good after the restaurant was handed down to Rose and Jim’s grandson. The local restaurant thrived for 60 years.


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