Free Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

January 5, 2020

The package shows the Alps and the name seems to hail from Switzerland…but Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is all Wisconsin! The late Charles Sanna of Menomonie had a contract with the U.S. military to supply powdered creamer to the troops. Wanting to be sure he lived up to his agreement he overproduced and found himself with a surplus of the powder. He set out to experiment with combining the creamer with chocolate and taste-tested the creation on some lucky local school children. Once he felt he got the combination right, the product was ready to fly. Literally! Sanna’s hot chocolate creation was originally served on airplanes. As soon as people tried it, the popularity began to soar even higher than those planes. Swiss Miss was born and has been a great winter tradition for over 50 years. This week, we invite you to taste the creamy and chocolaty Swiss Miss hot cocoa for FREE. You can take home an 8-count package on us with your $10 grocery purchase.