Free Sabra Hummus

February 16, 2020

If you’re looking to get a good dose of protein, but you’d rather not throw a steak on the grill, consider hummus! An average 3.5 ounce serving of hummus has almost 8 grams of protein and is packed with fiber. If you’re watching your sugar, hummus has a low glycemic index which can help keep your blood sugar low. And with chickpeas and olive oil as the two main ingredients, you’ve got a couple of great foods that are believed to be healthy for your heart. But put all of that aside…hummus is yummus! It has been a favorite from the middle east for centuries upon centuries, and now it’s a worldwide favorite. Now take all of those benefits and match it with a company like Sabra. Sabra is one of the companies we love because they exceed industry standards in quality and freshness, and they take the extra step to work directly with farmers for responsible sourcing. Sabra now has 16 different varieties of their famous hummus, giving you a big flavor variety. 

This week we would like to give you Sabra hummus for free, with your $15 grocery purchase. Enjoy!