Free Rotisserie Chicken with Separate $15 Purchase (See Details)

March 29, 2020

During a quarantine, it is important to keep simple and nutritious ingredients in your home. Being home all day, it is easy to forget a meal or forget to get the proper nutrients in each meal. Having a fresh rotisserie chicken in your kitchen will provide easy protein you can pull right off the bone. This already cooked chicken can provide you with protein in various recipes and if you don’t eat all of it, just stick it in the fridge and enjoy at another time. Some different ways to eat rotisserie chicken, other than just eating it by itself, is to add it to soup, pair it with your favorite side dishes, add it to your favorite crock pot recipe or make your own healthy power bowl. The possibilities are almost endless with how you can utilize your rotisserie chicken. Pick one up this week for free with any $15+ purchase.