FREE Pop-Tarts!

July 3, 2022

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone’s mistakes result in a delicious pastry enjoyed by more than 75+ million people. Pop-Tarts came from a big marketing mistake and a competitor’s.

In the 1960’s, Post started to work on a fruit-filled pastry that wouldn’t spoil and didn’t need to be refrigerated. As genius as the product is, Post botched the roll out. They worked on the project for months after promising the new treat and also named the pastry “Country Squares.” Coincidentally in the 60’s, the word “square” was used synonymously with “dweeb” or “nerd.” Post went back to the drawing board and named them “Toast’em”s. Needless to say, the slow roll out and the marketing made the product flop. Kellogg swooped in. They branded the pastries as “Pop-Tarts.” The name came from the Pop-Art movement and the popping action of the pastry from the toaster.

Get free Pop-Tarts (8ct.) with a $25 purchase.