Free Pack of Johnsonville Brats

September 17, 2018

It’s a classic American story.  Ralph and Alice Stayer opened a butcher shop in Johnsonville in 1945 making their own sausage.  The recipe was a family creation handed down from 19th century Austria.  Within a few years, demand was high and Stayer’s sausage creation was becoming more popular in the region.  By the 70s, trucks were delivering their sausage across Wisconsin.  With a nod to the name of their town, Johnsonville Sausage was born.  Today, this privately owned company still uses the old world sausage recipe, and it’s the number 1 brand in America.  It can also be found in 40 other countries.  Not bad for a little family butcher shop in Johnsonville.  Just in time to watch the football games this weekend, come to Fresh Madison Market and pick up a free pack of Johnsonville Brats with your $15 purchase.  It’s a Wisconsin favorite!