Free Oreos This Week

June 9, 2019

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love Oreos?  Neither have we.  That’s why this week can’t wait to see the excitement of people just like you heading home with a free package of Oreos with a $15 grocery purchase.  But have you ever stopped to wonder about where that name came from?  Nobody knows for sure, but one theory says that the two “Os” at the beginning and the end represent the chocolate cookie part.  The “re” in the middle…is the middle.  Others have suggested that the original packaging was gold in color, and you know “or” is French for “gold.”  Still a bit of a stretch?  Yeah…we thought so, too.  How about this one:  Hydrox cookies, Oreo’s predecessor, has a flower on it…and as any eagle-eyed horticulturalist would know it clearly comes from the genus “Oreodaphne.”  It’s a far-fetched theory but does sound like something a crafty competitive business might have done in the early 1900s.  No matter the origins, the Oreo is the top-selling cookie in the world…because you’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love Oreos.