FREE Open Acres Doughnut Holes!

March 28, 2022

Who put the hole in doughnut hole? Legend says, Hanson Gregory. In 1847, the teen aboard a lime-trading ship disliked the doughy center of the fried pastries they were served. Gregory suggested punching a hole through the middle to remove the option of having a doughy center; creating an evenly cooked inside and outside. Thus, the creation of the doughnut hole.


The theory of it all is quite entertaining, but doughnut makers don’t actually pop the center out. Today, doughnuts are made in the circle to ensure even cooking, but the doughnut hole is a happy mini version many enjoy as an on the go option!


This week at Fresh, get the holes, Open Acres Doughnut Holes (12 oz.) with a $25 purchase.