Free Mochi Ice Cream Balls (2ct)

June 15, 2020

Usually when people think of mochi flavored ice cream, they just call it mochi. Mochi is really the small pieces of sweet dough with a chewy center! Mochi ice cream was first created in the 1980’s. Mochi balls are a pounded rice cake, made from rice starch! A traditional Japanese food, mochi is typically enjoyed during the Japanese New Year.  Surrounding a sweet paste center, mochi inspired the ice cream core of mochi desserts today! Mochi ice cream was first a secret family with the brilliant idea of wrapping delicious mochi dough around dollops of ice cream. Now, mochi is widely available across the United States. Typically seen in flavors such as green tea, mint chip and double chocolate, mochi ice cream has become America’s favorite Japanese frozen treat! Get FREE 2 Mochi Ice Cream Balls with a $15 purchase!