Free La Croix 12 Pack

January 19, 2020

Here’s something that will put some bubbles in your step:  Drinking sparkling water might be even better than drinking plain water.  While there hasn’t been extensive research on this, some of the data that is out there is very interesting.  First, all those bubbles might make you feel full faster.  The natural carbonation in La Croix is good when you have a stomach ache, and some research says that it’s good for your gall bladder as well as the rest of your digestive system.  La Croix is also free of sugars, calories, sodium, and artificial ingredients…so you get all those refreshing bubbles and flavor, without the calories and sugar found in pop.  Sparkling water from La Croix also has added minerals like magnesium, and choosing sparkling water has been shown to help control blood sugar levels.  But most of all…it tastes great!  All that’s left is to give it a try.  This week, you can pick up a free 12-pack of the many La Croix flavors with your $20 grocery purchase.