FREE Johnsonville Smoked Brats!

March 7, 2021

If anyone knows meat, it is Johnsonville. This industry stand-out and America’s favorite sausage brand began in 1945 as butcher shop in a small Wisconsin town named Johnsonville. They have always been known for their delicious meats, including sausage and brats, which were made with better spices and a superior grinding technique compared to other butcher shops in the area around that time.  When the sales of the bratwurst began exceeding the sales of the hamburgers, Johnsonville founders, Ralph and Alice, knew they were onto something! Available in a wide variety of different flavor and meat options, Johnsonville’s brats continue to be everyone’s favorite to throw on the grill. Pick up a FREE 13.5-14oz pack of Johnsonville Smoked Brats with any $25 purchase, this week at Fresh Madison.