Free Halo Top Ice Cream This Week Only

January 14, 2019

If you’re an attorney who happens to love ice cream, but you also happen to have some hypoglycemic diet restrictions, do you give up ice cream?  Absolutely not!  You get in your kitchen and start making it yourself!  That’s the story of Justin Woolverton just eight short years ago.  To get his ice cream fix, he made it himself.  Soon, it became clear that Woolverton wasn’t the only one who loved the idea of having ice cream that didn’t involve blowing up your calorie count for the day. Halo Ice Cream is the perfect combination of big, sweet flavor…under 360 calories per pint!  From that kitchen-table idea to today, Halo Top Ice Cream is now found around the world.  What’s all the excitement about?  Find out for yourself this week when you pick up a free pint of amazingly delicious Halo Top Ice Cream with your $15 purchase.