Free Halo Top Ice Cream

October 13, 2019

You’ve been itching to dive into some pumpkin pie ice cream…but haven’t had a dairy-free choice.  Until now! Halo Top Ice Cream, your favorite low-calorie ice cream now has a dairy-free pumpkin pie flavor! It’s a seasonal option that comes in at only 360 calories PER PINT! Halo Top has always given you a way to indulge without the guilt, and this latest seasonal flavor is no exception. Halo Top started with 4 great flavors to make a light ice cream that tastes like…ice cream. It caught on quickly and in 2017, Time Magazine named it one of its top inventions of the year. How they get all that flavor in there without packing in the calories is simply amazing. If you haven’t tried Halo Top yet, you can pick from nearly 25 flavors, including the seasonal pumpkin pie, for free with your $20 purchase this week at Fresh Madison Market.