Free Fowler Farms Apple Cider

September 7, 2020

For the last 162 years, family-owned Fowler Farms has built an apple empire, growing crisp and juicy apples! Their apples can be found in over 3,200 stores across the Unites States, with over 2.4 billion apples sold, and counting. The farm grows a variety of 23 different apples, allowing to create the most perfect Apple Cider. Fowler Farm’s offers different kinds of apple cider for every taste bud. Their apple ciders are made from a premium blend of seven varieties of fresh apples, with no concentrate. Their cider is known for its smooth, no bite flavor. Specialty ciders include Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Snapdragon, and Fuji that are their own individual varieties, no other blends included. Fowler Farms special tip: make a delicious Apple Glaze by combining 1 pkg. (1 lb) confectioners’ sugar and ¼ cup of Fowler Farm’s apple cider and drizzle it over a spice cake or muffins. Pick up a FREE ½ gallon of Fowler Farms Apple Cider with a $15 purchase at Fresh Madison!