Free Fowler Farms Apple Cider

November 10, 2019

Just about any time of the year you’re going to find some kind of “apple juice” product on the shelves.  But this time of year is when Fowler Farms does their finest work.  We love them because from the apple seed to the apple cider, Fowler Farms manages the process.  It’s been that way since 1858.  You read that right…1858.  We only had 32 states, Abe Lincoln was just starting to make his arguments against slavery, and Denver, Colorado wasn’t yet founded.  But in upstate New York, a family farm was perfecting an apple orchard.  Today, 23 different varieties of apples come from Fowler, each with its own unique flavor and character.  Each fall, they create their own special blend of seven varieties of fresh apples.  The result is a smooth, no bite flavor.  Most importantly, they never use concentrate.  What you’re tasting is straight from fresh apples and they keep it flowing until they run out of apples.  This week at Fresh Madison Market, you can get a 62 oz. jug of Fowler Farms Cider absolutely FREE and you’ll see why it’s one of our favorite products every fall!