FREE Clif Bar!

March 14, 2022

The inception of Clif Bars started on a 175-mile bike ride in 1990. Founder Gary Erickson realized he was eating not-so-tasty energy bars to sustain strength to get through his ride. A year later Erickson made a mess of his mother’s kitchen to figure out the proper recipe for a delicious energy bar. He named the bar after his father Clifford, who sparked his passion outdoors. The company continues to push for sustainability, eco-friendly and quality taste!


The brand has expanded to many other granola bars (Luna Bar and ZBar) in addition to many different flavors of the OG energy bar. But which of the 20+ flavors should you get? Bring out the Sorting Hat of protein bars! Spoon University has meticulously calculated the intricate details of what flavor fits your personality.


The protein snack is inclusive to all types of diet restrictions and lifestyles. Get in the store, grab your groceries and top it off with a FREE Clif Bar (4.2oz.) with your $25 purchase.