Free Clif Bar

December 30, 2019

Making food they would like to eat…and building a company where they would like to work. That’s the mission at Clif Bar & Company. The company that makes delicious bars to have on the go starts everything in the kitchen. The ingredients are wholesome, organic, and energizing for your body. They have also made a commitment to Earth. Using organic ingredients and sustainable agriculture, they are on their way to making a product with zero waste from clean energy. To you, it may just be an easy to grab treat that keeps you going on a busy day. But we like Clif bars because they believe in more than just good-for-you food. They believe in volunteerism giving employees 20 hours of paid time each year so they can give back to a community organization. Each employee is an owner and shares in the success of the company and they have built a company designed to leave the world a better place. That’s a lot packed into one energy bar, and it’s all the more reason to choose this great company when you have the chance. If you haven’t tasted how great Clif Bars are, stop in this week and pick up a FREE bar with your $5 grocery purchase!