Free Cheez-Its This Week

October 28, 2019

The crunchy, cheesy, and salty little cracker called “Cheez-It” goes back nearly 100 years. Dayton, Ohio’s Green & Green Company invented them and sent them into the world with the simple slogan “You’ll like Cheez-It.” When you really think about it, not much more has to be said! But the crackers made by Green & Green weren’t just ordinary run-of-the-mill crackers. These were patented crackers. According to the filing, they had developed crackers with a “certain crisp or semi-crisp and tender characteristic and a light and airy condition, with the flavor of the permeating ingredient." Green & Green would eventually sell to the Sunshine Biscuit Company and before long America was crazy for Cheez-Its. Despite all the advancements in artificial additives other snacks have snuck into their products, almost 100 years later Cheez-Its are still made with 100% real cheese. There are now 14 different flavors in a variety of combinations and styles. This week, you can grab a box (9-12.4oz) of these legendary snacks for FREE with your $15 grocery purchase at Fresh Madison Market!