Free Boom-Chicka-Pop Popcorn

August 11, 2019

This low calorie, good-for-you snack is not only a great way to calm the munchies…it’s also supporting a company with a great corporate mission. When Angie and her husband Dan started a little popcorn company out of their garage, it was always with the belief they would give back. Goal #1 was to teach their own kids the value of hard work. Goal #2 was to set up a company that empowers women and children with confidence. While doing all that, they developed Angie’s Boom-Chicka-Pop to be poppin’ with the flavor you want, and all the additives you don’t. Take for example their famous Sea Salt Popcorn. All you’ll find in the ingredients is popcorn, sea salt, and a little sunflower oil. Even something as interesting tasting as their Salted Caramel Popcorn only has a few necessary ingredients…and nothing else. What’s not to love about Angie’s Boom-Chica-Pop? Try out a bag free this week with your $15 grocery purchase at Fresh Madison Market!