Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

August 18, 2019

Over the years, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has come up with flavors named after famous people, with Cherry Garcia being one of its most popular. Some remember the limited edition “Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies” flavor, a “Good Yellow Brick Road” flavor to benefit Elton John’s AIDS charity, and Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler. Sometimes it’s just a playful name…other times, as with Elton John, it’s a way to help raise money for an organization that’s important to the company. Since its inception in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has strived to make fantastic ice cream…and do it while helping others. Flavors like Peanut Cookie-burra Dough sent money to Mission Australia and Barenaked Ladies if I had 1,000,000 Flavours donated money to ABC Literacy. From manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable way to making sure employees have a fair wage, Ben & Jerry’s has always been more than just great ice cream. As the summer wraps up, we’re giving you one more free pint of any flavor you like with a separate $20 purchase. Enjoy!