Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

July 14, 2019

In 1978, you could put $5 in an envelope and get back a correspondence course on how to make ice cream.  That $5 was the very beginnings of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  They then scraped together the money needed to open an ice cream shop in an old gas station in Burlington, Vermont.  Their commitment to making “the best possible ice cream in the best possible way” was in place on day one.  And the public loved them for it.  Soon, Ben & Jerry would outgrow their small converted gas station to keep up with demand.  From Vermont…to New England…to the rest of the country…people just couldn’t get enough of the ice cream that came from a $5 correspondence course.  Since they began, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has never wavered on their commitment to “the best possible ice cream.”  They’re also known for backing many issues that are important to them as company, and making sure that their employees are paid well and treated fairly.  They may have been one of the first companies to put such an emphasis on social responsibility, but certainly not the last.  Their commitment to fresh ingredients and the care they take in sourcing everything that goes into making their ice cream makes Ben & Jerry’s one of our favorite brands!  Have a free pint on us this week with your $20 grocery purchase at Fresh Madison Market!