Free Bagel and Cream Cheese

April 1, 2019

On any given day, all it takes is one picture on Twitter to grind everything to a halt.  The most recent “controversy” came in the form of a picture of a bagel sent through a bread-loaf slicer.  For many, this seemingly innocent picture was enough to ruin their entire day.  Some took to social media to say it looked like a “crime scene,” and theorized it would be something one would only do when trying to punish prisoners.  This method of slicing a bagel is certainly new to us here at Fresh Madison Market, and some have suggested that it does provide a better “bagel to topping” ratio.  We’re going to stay neutral on this issue, and simply encourage you to enjoy your bagel whatever way makes you happy.  In fact, this week we’re giving you a free bagel and cream cheese from our bakery when you make a minimum $10 purchase at Fresh Madison Market.  No matter how you slice them, we think you’ll love our bagels!