July 18, 2021

Other than being enjoyed at the movie theaters, popcorn has made its way into people’s home as a favorite snack food. Popcorn’s light and airy texture make it the perfect foundation for many variations of sweet and salty flavors. If there is one popcorn brand that is unique down to the name and the story behind the brand, it is Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Popcorn! Always fun to say, BOOMCHICKAPOP started out of Angie and Dan’s garage in Minnesota. They wanted to create a business for their family and teach their children the meaning of hard work. Well you could say they accomplished that! BOOMCHICKAPOP is found in grocery stores all over the country, as they continue to provide tremendous support for the community. BOOMCHICKAPOP offers numerous flavors of their ready-to-eat popcorn, ranging from Cheddar Cheese and Kettle Corn, to Dark Chocolate Drizzle. Whenever you are craving something sweet and/or salty, BOOMCHICKAPOP is the perfect snack of flavorful whole grain popcorn with a very short ingredient list. Get a FREE bag of BOOMCHICKAPOP Popcorn (4.5-8oz) with a $15 purchase at Fresh Madison!