Free Avocado This Week

August 5, 2019

The avocado has come a long way from being the main ingredient in guacamole.  A slice on a burger, chopped on a salad, or the ever-popular “avocado toast” with a tomato.  But the avocado is more than just the latest fashionable food.  The health benefits from an avocado are vast. 

They’re one of the good fats.  Losing weight isn’t about eliminating fat.  Research has shown that plant-based fats, like the ones in an avocado, are great antioxidants and help reduce inflammation.

You get more nutrients from other foods.  Avocados have been shown to boost absorption of nutrients from other foods…some as much as 8 to 13 times more nutrients as you’d get without pairing with avocado.

Good for your brain.  High in Omega-9s, avocados have been shown to increase brain health improving memory and cognition.  Avocados have been shown to help with dopamine and serotonin, the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain, and some studies suggest people with depression include avocado in their diets.

Good for your heart.  The Journal of the American Heart Association has said that having an avocado a day is a great way to reduce cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.

In addition to all the great benefits of avocado…it’s also delicious!  This week, you can get started with a new healthy habit by taking home an avocado for free with your $15 purchase.  We think you’ll enjoy it and we know it’s great for you!